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A Man For All Times - CD Single
(February, 2008)

:: Track List
  1. A Man For All Times [3:15]
  2. Kentucky (Bonus Song) [3:55]

A Man For All Times is featured in the Musical Play, "Lincoln: A Man For All Times". This elementary age program is endorsed by the Kentucky Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission and the National Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission. Visit Lincoln Project Publishing for more information about this exciting drama that will bring Abraham Lincoln to life for students, teachers and audiences.

We have had the opportunity to grow up in a country that has been called, "The Land of the Free". But the freedom that we have experienced hasn't always come easy. Dedicated individuals who have believed in various causes have helped to shape our country's history. Some of the most influential freedom fighters have served as our Presidents of the United States. They have been elected by the people and for the people to serve our country.

Sometimes during political discussions, the question is asked, "Who has been the greatest President in the history of the United States of America?" Without hesitation, many will answer, "Abraham Lincoln has been our greatest President."

He was born in Kentucky, near Hodgenville, in a small one room cabin. Much of what he learned as a boy had a major influence on him throughout the rest of his life. As a young man, he moved to Indiana where he grew and developed his skills and his trade. Later in life, he again made a move, this time to Illinois, where his political success took him all the way to the White House as he served as our 16th President of the United States.

Abraham Lincoln was taught to be fair and just. He believed in equality, honesty and trust. He lived to see that all men should be able to live in a land that is free. Lincoln died for that cause, which was noble and true. He died for man's freedom; he died for me and you. He honored his country as all of us should do; one nation, under God, with the red white and blue. From a boy, to a man, to the President, Abraham Lincoln was truly a man of the times, and a leader for all mankind.
- Glen Rice
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