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A New Beginning...

Track List:
  1. Where Could I Go [4:24]
  2. Go Rest High On That Mountain [3:54]
  3. Midnight City [4:19]
  4. Ring The Bells Of Freedom [2:16]
  5. Heaven's Sounding Sweeter [3:34]
  6. It Is Finished [4:40]
  7. Peace In The Valley [3:12]
  8. Build An Ark [3:25]
  9. Crucified* [3:55]
  10. Sanctuary [4:22]
  11. The Lighthouse [3:59]
  12. He Is Here [4:13]

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Cover: The CD title "A New Beginning" signifies the beginning of a new chapter in my life. The Lord has truly blessed me with wonderful memories. He has enabled me to work with young people, caring staff members, and supportive parents who have allowed me to be a part of their lives. I have thoroughly enjoyed my career in education. Now, I have the opportunity to follow another dream.

A special "thanks" goes out to my wife Peggy, my daughters Tiffany, Teri Lynn, and Karen Michelle, my sisters, Jan and Kim, my brother Gary, my friends, and especially my Mom and Dad for their love and support. You are all special people in my life.
- Glen Rice
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