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Moments In Time...His and Mine

Track List:
  1. Always On My Mind [3:35]
  2. My Precious Little Girl(s)* [3:28]
  3. All Shook Up [1:59]
  4. An American Trilogy [4:32]
  5. In The Ghetto [2:57]
  6. Love Me Tender [3:13]
  7. Unchained Melody [3:48]
  8. Friendships* [3:25]
  9. Don't Be Cruel [2:00]
  10. I Can't Help Falling In Love [2:57]
  11. The Family* [3:16]
  12. My Way [4:17]

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Glen Rice as Elvis

Cover: This watch belonged to my Dad. He carried it as his time piece for many years.

I've enjoyed listening to and singing Elvis' songs as long as I can remember. Over the years, I've also had the opportunity to write and sing many of my own songs. Now, being able to record some of his favorites as well as some of my own original works, is a dream come true and has been
Always On My Mind. It's allowing me to explore yet another chapter in my life. So, here it is, a collection of songs that I've done My Way and dedicated to My Precious Little Girl(s), to my wife for the special Friendships that we have shared, and to my Mom, for keeping The Family together. I invite you to share with me, Moments In Time...His and Mine.
- Glen Rice
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