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Something About Tradition

Track List:
  1. Amazing Grace [3:33]
  2. In The Garden [3:56]
  3. Tradition Has The Power To Stay [2:44]
  4. It Is Well With My Soul [3:26]
  5. I'll Fly Away Medley [2:15]
  6. How Great Thou Art [4:15]
  7. The Old Rugged Cross [2:44]
  8. Just A Closer Walk With Thee [3:32]
  9. Victory In Jesus [4:17]
  10. How Long Has It Been? [3:18]
  11. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot [2:38]
  12. The King Is Coming [3:29]

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The traditional religious songs tell us alot about ourselves. They compel us to believe in God's power and to regularly, through prayer, Have a Little Talk With Jesus. Listening to and singing the old songs that we know so well can change our hearts and fill our souls with love. There's something to say for the new songs today, songs of praise. However, there's something special about the old time songs like Amazing Grace and I'll Fly Away. The message of these songs depicts where we are going and also reminds us of where we have been. Without a doubt, the modern day songs are great to sing, but the traditional ones have the power to stay. No matter what your preference, religious music is a wonderful part of our heritage. Who knows, one day we might be calling the songs we've all grown up with traditional praise songs. I hope you enjoy Something About Tradition.

Note: The last song The King Is Coming was recorded in honor and in memory of my Dad. This was his favorite song.
- Glen Rice
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