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Thinking Back
(October, 2005)

:: Track List
  1. My Girl [2:52]
  2. It Seems Just Like Yesterday* [2:44]
  3. Let It Be Me [3:25]
  4. Come On In [2:36]
  5. Crying In The Chapel [2:23]
  6. Help Me Make It Through The Night [3:27]
  7. He stopped Loving Her Today [3:17]
  8. Thinking Back* [2:58]
  9. Yesterday [3:12]
  10. That's Why We Call Them Grand* [4:29]
  11. Let Me Be There [2:55]
  12. You Gave Me A Mountain [3:38]
  13. The Rose [3:23]
In "thinking back" over the years, I realize that I have been a part of so many wonderful memories and life changing events. I remember my youthful days as our family moved from place to place due to my Dad being a minister. The moves were sometimes very difficult, especially when I would have to leave my friends, school, and community behind. However, it also forced me to adjust to new and changing situations, made me a more determined individual, and allowed me to experience a fuller life.

Writing and recording three new songs (Thinking Back, It Seems Just Like Yesterday and That's Why We Call Them Grand) for this release, has provided me with the opportunity to share, through music, some of my own thoughts, memories, and experiences. The other musical selections that I've chosen for this release are a mix of classic songs that have been recorded by noted artists. They express feelings of love, excitement, happiness, and even sadness that everyone can relate to. I hope that you enjoy "Thinking Back".
- Glen Rice
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