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From The Heart - Whatever It Takes
(October, 2006)

:: Track List
  1. She Believes In Me [4:10]
  2. It Was Almost Like A Song [3:20]
  3. Whatever It Takes* [4:14]
    *Written by Glen Rice
  4. The Sweetest Thing I've Ever Known [4:03]
  5. My Elusive Dream [3:30]
  6. Crazy [2:38]
  7. It's Now Or Never [2:47]
  8. Wind Beneath My Wings [3:52]
  9. Are You Lonesome Tonight? [2:48]
  10. It's Only Make Believe [2:46]
  11. You Light Up My Life [3:13]
  12. Could I Have This Dance? [3:11]
  13. Endless Love [3:18]
When the word "Love" is mentioned, many different thoughts come to people's mind. To some, love is a beautiful feeling shared between a man and a woman. To others, it might be the love parents have for their children. Yet to others, it might be a special bond between close friends. Whatever the situation, when we listen to "love songs", it brings back memories of days gone by. It also allows us to dream of the future where hopefully new memories will be made and cherished. The classic love songs included in this CD are among some of the best ever written and span many decades. I've also included one of my own original songs entitled, "Whatever It Takes". I encourage you to listen closely to the words of the song, then decide for yourself who you would want to be there for you in your time of need. I hope this release of "From the heart...Whatever it takes", provides you with hours of stress relieving and easy listening music.
- Glen Rice
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